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Covid-19 Update

It's an interesting time to plan a wedding! I can offer you several things to make it easier:

  • Flexibility. If the virus requires you to change dates and/or venues, I will do everything I can to change my plans to match yours.

  • Safety. Whether the wedding takes place indoors or outdoors, I am happy to wear a mask at your request. I will speak with you about your wishes in terms of Covid precautions: I can abstain from shaking hands or hugging, and I will socially distance, if you like.

  • Vaccination. I am vaccinated for the safety of the many people I am privileged to interact with.

  • Whether you opt for a larger wedding within the legal limits or a small, intimate ceremony, I will join you in the creation of a deeply meaningful event, and in forming a memory that you and your spouse can treasure through your life together.