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Recap on 2017

My initial plan for this blog was to write a bit after each wedding. Then life happened and the blog posts didn’t!

But it was a wonderful wedding season. Love was everywhere! – from Empire Mine to Mount Shasta to sweeping winery views to gorgeous backyard spaces. I do love to celebrate love, especially with crowds of people celebrating along with me.

I’ve been thinking lately about the concept of representation. When an artist creates a work – whether it be a painting, a sculpture or a piece of music — he or she is representing something about themselves. Weddings are my art, and each one represents the love and uniqueness of the couple…with a little bit of me thrown in. The teamwork approach is very important to me, the fact that the three of us are creating the ceremony together. During the actual wedding I want to be in charge of all the logistics and details, but before that it’s the three of us joining in creativity. That’s one of the things that gives a wedding its magic, its sense of the sacred.

During the ceremony, it’s also great to get family and friends involved. There are many ways to do this, and the result is that they too get to feel part of the magic and creativity. No couple is an island — we all need the support of our loved ones — so including them in the wedding makes a lot of sense. Now and then there are families and friends who are too shy to be involved. I can understand that, and yet we can soften this angst by having the entire audience stand and take a vow together. This kind of thing deepens the love in each person’s heart, and creates a palpable circle of support for the couple.

It was my honor to be by the side of “my” beautiful couples as they crossed over this very important milestone in 2017. 2018 is already ramping up! I am excited to see who I get to fall into step with this year as we create, together, a ceremony representing their love, values and character.

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