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Rev. Jinnae is a wonderful person to work with. She’s kind and patient. Our wedding was done beautifully. If we could give her more than five stars, we would!  Thank you so much, Jinnae. We appreciate you making our special day so very special. ~ Sunshine and Jacob

Working with Jinnae was a dream! She helped us to create a beautifully detailed ceremony that not only fit our values but included our guests, bringing a wonderful sense of community on our special day. We cannot say enough about her compassion, and heard so many glowing compliments about her from our guests. Simply put, Jinnae officiated our wedding with grace and brought an element of magic that will forever be treasured. We are so grateful to you, Jinnae, for all that you did for us. ~Kaylee and Alex

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Jinnae made our wedding ceremony unique and special just how we wanted. From the first time we met her she made us feel comfortable with the process. She truly listened and made the vision that we had in mind come to life. Jinnae was very quick to respond and answer all of our questions. We highly recommend her! Thank you Jinnae!

~Jackie and Jeff

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I was blown away with how personal our ceremony ended up after just one in-person meeting! All it took was about an hour for her to get a full picture of our love story. The end result was amazing! We couldn't have asked for a better officiant. 

~ Sadie and Sterling

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COVID changed our wedding plans twice, and we finally decided on a small wedding but with a tight timeline. We were immediately relieved to find Jinnae, who quickly put all of our nerves at ease. Jinnae had great recommendations for the structure of the ceremony, specifically how things could work well for a smaller wedding. She recommended several things that we ended up incorporating. Jinnae even took the time to meet us in person while we were in California to go through all the details. She was professional, organized and very prompt in helping put together the perfect ceremony for us, incorporating all of our feedback and personal details.

On the day of, Jinnae was right on time and ready to go with all the documents and materials prepared. The ceremony itself was beautiful and had most of us in tears. Jinnae flawlessly delivered exactly what we were looking for and the ceremony was the highlight of the event. Both our families were completely blown away and continue to talk about how amazing the ceremony was. We can't say enough good things about Jinnae and our experience from start to finish. We highly recommend Jinnae and could not imagine our special day without her presence.

I couldn't have imagined a more perfect ceremony. Jinnae is such a kind and compassionate person, and we are so thankful to have had her officiate our wedding. When she sensed the inevitable nerves and tears coming, she helped us breathe throughout our ceremony and comfort us, making it feel like it was just the three of us up there. Jinnae had a lot of experience and so many great ideas to incorporate into our wedding – like the wine box ceremony which we ended up doing.

She was also super flexible with us throughout the process, as our plans changed three or four times due to COVID-19. My husband and I will always have the fondest memories of our day, and Jinnae was a very special part of it.

~ Maddie and Jack Dickman

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Before we met Jinnae, we were worried that hiring an officiant we did not know might feel impersonal, but she proved us wrong. Jinnae did an extraordinary job of getting to know each of us and our love for each other, and incorporating all of that into our ceremony. We wanted a ceremony that felt powerful, personal and yet very much a ceremony people would recognize as traditional to our culture. Jinnae did all of this and so much more. We received so many compliments on the ceremony, which is doubly impressive given that there was a major heat wave and it was an outdoor wedding!

Everyone has, and continues to, compliment us on the ceremony and tell us how much they loved it. They shared stories of how much it moved them (my aunt told me that her husband, who never cries, cried during the ceremony). People kept asking how we knew Jinnae, expecting “she’s an old family friend” as an explanation, because she was personal, heart-felt, and powerful in her words.
We made many decisions while planning our wedding, but the best decision we made was inviting Jinnae to lead our ceremony. ~Natalie and Daniel Ostrowski

Jinnae performed our wedding ceremony and we were blown away. She was very patient and helpful through everything as we were coming up to the wedding. She was very professional and, with her many years of experience, she made everything easy and stress-free, guiding us through the process. We are multi cultural (Chinese & Mexican) and had strong values which she tied in beautifully in the ceremony.
Our favorite part was how she was able to personalize our ceremony, which made us really connect with her words emotionally and spiritually. We always felt loved through the whole process! We would recommend her to anyone! ~ Celia & Josue

Our wedding ceremony was everything we imagined it could be, and more! From the first time Jinnae counseled us about the many options and ideas for creating a meaningful ceremony, we knew it would be personal, heartfelt, loving, and inclusive. Each moment felt as though we created it ourselves and put our hearts into it. And everyone noticed! Our guests came up to us all throughout the reception saying how beautiful and moving the ceremony was, and we were so glad to hear that everyone else felt the same way about it as we did. My usually reserved husband cried the whole time. It was truly beautiful. Thanks, Jinnae, for making our day perfect! ~ Alexis and Travis Trahan

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Jinnae was so helpful! Especially during these hard times of the pandemic, she was great to work with and was very understanding of everything that we were going through with having to make changes here and there. She was so sweet and

it was so great to have her there to make our wedding day

come together! ~Ashleigh and Joshua

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Jinnae is a beautiful person; you immediately feel at home when you meet her. She has a naturally comforting presence, which I appreciated immensely going through stresses of life (and wedding planning.)
For our ceremony, Jinnae crafted a story that was unique to me and my husband. Meeting with Jinnae to discuss our ceremony and tell our story was the first time I really paused and considered the beautiful thing we were setting out to do– get married!
During the ceremony, Jinnae had the same effect on every guest — allowing everyone to pause, reflect, and savor it all. She told our love story beautifully and had everyone crying and laughing. A ton of guests commented to me specifically how much they enjoyed the ceremony. Jinnae put everyone in the right mindset and reminded us why we were all there. It was an absolute joy working with her and she really did make our day amazing. I can’t recommend her enough! ~ Sam Wheatley and Taylor Grisham

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You did a wonderful job and made the event very special. Multiple family members and friends were telling us what a great job you did in the ceremony. Thank you so much again. You are doing great work. We will remember this day for the rest of our lives and what a wonderful job you did. ~ Kathleen and William

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A wedding is a sacred event. For us finding the right person to participate in such a sacred event was very important. The universe brought us Jinnae. From the moment we met Jinnae we felt at ease, and after speaking with her during our first meeting we knew she was the right person to guide us through our ceremony. We are grateful that she took the time to get to know us, which made a big difference in helping develop a personalized ceremony and vows. Her calm presence and ability to put everyone involved at ease allowed us to be present in the moment and immerse ourselves in our vows and each other. Thank you, Jinnae, for being such a special part of our ceremony and reception.~ Denise and Brian

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Jinnae was our angel and blessed us with all the emotions and excitement we desired and more! Our wedding was unique and planned in only two weeks located in the garden at Deer Creek Inn. We instantly fell in love with her website as it captures all of her beauty, skills and passion for marriage and ceremonies. Jinnae felt like home and friends which was special and important since we had no guests. Her presence offers a deep spiritual vibe as she delicately adds her commentary and wisdom to readings and prayers. 

We highly recommend her for any occasion as she is super talented, flexible and offers a once in a lifetime experience! ~ Kristy and Casey


From our first meeting with Jinnae we felt that she shared our enthusiasm and energy for our wedding day. Together we communicated our ideals and hopes for the big day. Jinnae partnered with us to make it uniquely spectacular. All of our questions and concerns were answered in the planning process, so that when the big day arrived we felt comfortable knowing she would lead us through a ceremony that was everything we had hoped for.
Many, many of our guests commented to us in the weeks that followed that our wedding ceremony had been the most inspirational, beautiful wedding they had ever attended. Thank you, Jinnae, for sharing in our vision!
~ Amy and Shannan

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Jinnae!  Wow!  You did such a fabulous job on our ceremony. All night long at the reception, everyone commented on how fantastic it was. We really appreciate all the effort you put into the rehearsal and wedding day. It was such a  beautiful day all around. Thanks for making our dream a reality.
~Lauren and Austin Britts

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Jinnae is wonderful to work with and did a great job helping us find the right ceremony that represented us. She’s very respectful & professional. It’s refreshing to work with someone who truly cares about the job they do; especially one of great importance. ~ Kris and Rachel Rumley-Lamb

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Jinnae performed our ceremony April 13 at The Stone House. What an incredible moment. Even though we met ahead of time to discuss the content, select the vows, write the script and do the rehearsal, the ceremony was more than we could have dreamed of. It was poetic, emotional, and fit our values and personalities perfectly. It was as if Jinnae had known us for years. She was truly able to capture the nature of our individual spirits and encapsulate them in her readings, blessings and ceremony style. She was able to portray two of the most strongly independent and confident individuals as an even stronger union and this was very important to us.

Jinnae tailored the language and sentiment of the service to meet our feelings and beliefs about marriage. Our family and guests commented on how personal and unique our ceremony was. Thank you, Jinnae. ~ Catharine and Andrew

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Jinnae has a wonderful gift. We found her through Yelp/Google searches to find an officiant in the area. We were complete strangers, but when we met with her in person it felt so comfortable. We connected right away and she was genuinely interested in our story. I was impressed with how she took in our stories and flawlessly incorporated it into our ceremony. She has the ability to tell stories as if she has known us for many years. My family members and friends said that they really enjoyed the ceremony and specifically told me how good our officiant was. They felt touched and couldn’t hold back the tears. That was what I was going for! I wanted everyone to come and be inspired by Love… and Jinnae helped create that experience for us. I definitely recommend her! ~Melissa and Fanuel Oduor


My experience with Jinnae Anderson was awesome! She wrote a deeply moving ceremony that fulfilled our spiritual needs, as a church wedding was not our preference. It was exactly what we wanted: meaningful, personal, and sacred. We incorporated some non-traditional aspects such as a sand ceremony and a Native American blessing.
Jinnae’s presentation was very professional, heartfelt and moving for everyone. I had numerous guests inquire as to where I found her! On top of it all, Jinnae was extremely easy to work with. We met once to work out all of our wants and needs. From there Jinnae wrote the ceremony, and we edited together over emails. Very easy and efficient! And most of all, the ceremony was beautiful! Men were crying!
Overall, this was the perfect move for my wedding. I already have, and would, recommend her to anyone needing a wedding Officiant. ~ Jaclyn and Justin Sayklay

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Jinnae was absolutely wonderful to work with. Our wedding was exceptionally non-traditional, and the ceremony she crafted was perfect. She really understood who we are and what was important for us. We had many guests tell us at the reception how the ceremony was truly beautiful, intimate, and meaningful. We appreciated the time she put into making those moments extra special, and her presence is unbeatable as a calming force when you’re standing in the most emotional of spotlights. We are opening our farm to the public as a wedding venue, and she will be on the top of my recommendation list for officiants! Thank you Jinnae! ~Cara & Aaron Mockrish

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Jinnae Anderson made our wedding magical. She was patient and thoughtful in her approach to make our ceremony meet our wishes. We've had several comments from guests saying that it was the best wedding they've ever been to. Thank you, Jinnae, for creating an environment full of love. We would recommend her to everyone who wants their special day to be even better. ~ Kim and Ray

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We knew that we wanted to hire a professional officiant who also could truly connect with us and make our ceremony as heartfelt and personal as we wanted it to be. Jinnae hit this mark and more. She took the time to sit down with us, helping us to customize the ceremony we wanted, as well as helping us think through our ideas to make them a reality.

Jinnae's ability to get to know us as a couple in the amount of time we had, in such a fun and sincere way, is truly impressive. It speaks to her ability to listen and hear not only our words but the way we feel. This connection, plus the professionalism and public presence Jinnae provides, made our ceremony amazing.

We received countless compliments from our guests on the beauty and sincerity of our ceremony and we have to give credit to Jinnae. To us, our ceremony was everything we hoped for and we were still so impressed . We had such a wonderful experience and connection, I would not be surprised if we don’t see Jinnae a few times over the wonderful first years of our marriage. We feel that working with Jinnae was one of the best decisions we made in planning our wedding. ~ Riley and Emma

Scott and Katie.jpg

From the early planning stages all the way up to the day of the wedding Jinnae was wonderful. She took the time to get to know our individual personalities and learned what traits made our relationship special. She crafted all these things into a loving speech at the wedding. We didn’t want a blink and the ceremony is over kind of wedding, but we didn’t want to have our guests sit for too long and Jinnae understood this. Jinnae was always timely and responsive to our needs. When Covid ruined our May wedding plans Jinnae was flexible with us, and made our new August date work without a hitch. If you are looking for a professional wedding officiant with a warm personality then look no further. You will be in good hands with Jinnae.

~ Scott and Katie Jensen


I highly recommend Jinnae – she was such a wonderful officiant every step of the way leading up to our wedding. We met in person with Jinnae several times, in addition to e-mail conversations and phone calls. She had very touching and unique suggestions for the vows to make them memorable (blessing of the hands, knot tying ceremony, rose ceremony), and even added her own unique touch with short stories and details from our previous conversations together.

We felt completely comfortable leaving the details to Jinnae – she even thought to collect the marriage certificate during the rehearsal, and mailed it in for us the following day. After the ceremony was over, our guests even came up to us and complimented the way she was able to captivate everyone’s attention and convey emotions not only with her words, but also with her manner of speaking. 


From the first time we met Jinnae, we knew she would be the perfect person to conduct our ceremony. She genuinely loves what she does, and that comes out in one-on-one conversations, as well as the way she interacted with our close family the day of our wedding.

~ Melanie and Gabriel


Jinnae’s embracing and loving spirit emanated and engulfed us all; she was an amazing addition to our ceremony. Jinnae was accessible, helpful, and creative throughout the process; we will forever be grateful that she was a part of our day. She was perfect. The wedding was perfect. My grandmother said, “It was different but it was beautiful. It was one of the best weddings I have ever been to.” ~ Danielle and Jason Scallin

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