Wedding Packages

Great relationships are built upon a strong commitment. You want a ceremony that will touch your hearts and also strengthen your commitment to each other. It should reflect your love, meet your desires and fit your budget. I can help you choose the perfect ceremony for you.

Silver Package

Perfect for those of you who want a small, simple ceremony with just you two or a few guests. This ceremony can be done in a park, public place, backyard or living room. You choose.


Silver Package includes:

  • Introductory phone consultation to get to know each other.

  • Pre-written ceremony, with certain adaptations to make it your own.

  • My arrival twenty minutes before your ceremony begins.

  • Performance of your ceremony with heartfelt celebration!

  • Filing of marriage license.

Gold Package

This is a great choice for couples who want a processional, recessional and a semi-customized ceremony. You will have many choices to make it your special day.


Gold Package Includes:


  Free 45-minute initial consultation, in person or by phone/skype.

•  One hour interview and planning session.

•  Ceremony packet – includes detailed ceremony choices, vow suggestions, and more.

•  Limited phone calls and e-mails for your approval and changes.

•  Choice of two sub-ceremonies, including: Hand Blessing, Unity Sand Ceremony, Unity Candle Ceremony, Wine Box Ceremony, True Lovers’ Knot Ceremony or The Four Directions.

•  Place in ceremony for two readings and one song.

•  Directing your rehearsal with your wedding party and other participants.

•  Written script within ten days after our planning meeting.

•  Performing of ceremony with celebration, expertise and care.

•  My arrival thirty minutes prior to ceremony to coordinate with  photographers, vendors and check in with

wedding party.

•  Coaching witnesses and coordinating their signing of marriage license.

•  Filing of marriage license.

Platinum Package

This is a completely customized ceremony written just for the two of you. I will tell your personal love story and help you create the ceremony that expresses your values, relationship and personality. 90% of couples choose this option.


Platinum Package Includes:


•  Ceremony packet with detailed ceremony choices and vow suggestions.

•  Completely customized ceremony including your love story and personal  vows. You can write your vows or I will help you to do so.

•  A personalized talk uniquely created for you, designed with meaning and a touch of humor.
•  Unlimited phone calls and emails as we perfect the ceremony together.

•  Your choice of as many other sub-ceremonies as you choose. Some of these may include honoring of parents, vows to children, incorporating readings, prayers and songs, and much more with as many guests as you wish to participate.

•  Written script within a week after our planning meeting.

•  One-hour rehearsal direction with your wedding party and participants in the days prior to your ceremony. Usually on-site but you may change the location.

•  My arrival thirty minutes prior to ceremony.

•  Coordinating with other vendors so they know the opportune moments for photographs, music, etc.

•  Coordinating with DJ for proper moments to begin and end music

•  Written line per line processional with attendants names.

•  Coordinating pre-processional, processional and recessional.
•  Performing ceremony with celebration, expertise and care.

•  Coaching witnesses and coordinating their signing of marriage license.

•  Filing of marriage license.


Please contact me for pricing and other information.

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